Divinely MV Bed Wetting, Squirting Masturbation

Duration: 21:54 Views: 111 Submitted: 2 months ago
Description: divinely - Aestra Azure - The only thing better than the feeling of a completely full bladder, is getting to completely let go and release it all for you to watch! In this video, I'm feeling horny from the desperate feeling of my full bladder. I tease you with cute looks and before long begin touching myself through my pink panties. I bring out the magic wand and the vibrations are so overwhelming - I can't hold it back and I completely and fully wet my panties and the bed for you until I'm swimming in a puddle of my own piss. It feels too good to stop! I take the panties and stuff them into my mouth to taste, while I fuck myself in the pussy and continue vibrating my cunt. I then decide to stuff the panties deeply into my wet pussy as I continue my wank. I give myself and orgasm and taste the panties one more time to enjoy my filthy, messy victory.
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